Perenso app revolutionizes sales drives at trade shows


Perenso, a leader in sales force automation, has launched a version of its iPad app for use by salespeople at trade shows.

The app was developed with Data Connect Corporation (DCC), a US firm specialized in trade show data management, and it represents a bold move by the Australian company to expand into a new market.

Taking orders and collecting sales leads are essential tasks for exhibitors at trade shows. In the past, exhibitors would often struggle to find an efficient and cost-effective method to perform this task.

Manual data entry is error-prone and risks conveying a poor impression at a time when the company is trying its best to impress.  Some businesses have opted for specialized POS terminals, but they incur added costs in transport, training and support, and so are difficult to justify for occasional use.

Darren Chamberlin, Perenso CEO, realized that the challenges facing salespeople at trade shows created a great opportunity for Perenso’s Field Sales app. But as it was not an area that Perenso had previously targeted, he knew the best solution would be to partner with a player with experience serving this specialized market.

He chose DCC, a US software house specialized in trade show data management software. The company is the leading provider of automated trade show software solutions within the food distribution industry and has expanded into other sectors in recent years.

Chamberlin sees the tie-up between Perenso and DCC as enormously beneficial to both companies.

 “We were looking for a reseller for our Field Sales solution and now with DCC as a partner, we have a way to get our technology in front of a large number of potential customers, namely visitors to trade shows.”

 “If visitors see our  software being used in action at a trade show, to register their contact details for example, they are more likely to say ‘Hey, we could use something like this in our business’ as its use is obviously not limited to collecting leads at shows.”

For its part, DCC now has an innovative and cost-effective way to deliver its software via an iPad app. Previously, mobile sales teams required dedicated Micros POS machines to access sales and other data in the DCC system.

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