Perenso Unveils New Web Resources for Sales Professionals

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Australian software company Perenso, which counts Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer among its long-term clients, has launched a new website with a store of sales checklists and articles for sales managers. The website is part of a brand identity re-launch, demonstrating the company’s commitment to a strong online presence benefiting its customers, partners and prospects.

On the heels of a North American expansion, Sydney-based Perenso overhauled their web presence completely, bringing case studies, interviews with sales experts and step-by-step sales management guides aimed to help readers boost revenue performance.

The refreshed image is also supported by a new logo, a more substantial commitment to social media and regular publication of a sales best practice newsletter.

Marketing director Wayne Goodrich said the company had been planning on updating their website for some time, and in June they decided to retire their previous identity entirely and start from scratch. The overhaul focused on providing valuable content for Perenso’s clients as well as sales managers seeking useful tips.

The new website offers a free trial of Perenso’s sales force automation app for the iPad. The cloud-based software allows sales teams to streamline their sales process, access valuable information, like sales presentations and order and stock information, from anywhere.

“We needed a new site to support the production of sales productivity resources and blogging we plan to do, as well as to improve interaction directly with our customers,” Goodrich said.

Visitors will find content like tips on choosing a sales force automation system and how to best integrate it into a sales department to maximize revenue and save time. Concrete examples from Johnson & Johnson and PharmaCare show exactly how Perenso’s software saved one company $400,000 and drastically improved the ease of communication among a 200-person sales team and its managers at another.

Kissinger Nguyen of the Perenso support team was an integral part of the rebranding, designing the streamlined website. Brad Monaghan of RevenueBuilder was tapped to create content and the lead generation strategy, and a new logo was designed by Paul Clark of Creative Sweat.

Perenso, is a sales force automation vendor based in Sydney, celebrating 20 years of business this year. A leader in the field sales industry, their cloud-based software is used in more than 50 percent of all orders taken by retail pharmacy reps in Australia today. With CEO Darren Chamberlin at the helm, the company recently expanded into the U.S. market through a partnership with Data Connect Corporation, a Colorado-based data management company.

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