Field Sales Order Entry

Boost Efficiency & Maximize Sales With Sales Order Automation

Customizable columns

Customizable Columns

Choose which columns to have visible to customers so you can provide all the necessary information.

Sales history

Sales History

View customer ordering trends with the simple tap of the screen.

Content management and sharing

Content Management

Product images, pack shots and information can be made available for each product.

Search function

Search Function

Easily find products by searching product ID, product description, or filtering by different brands and categories.

Delivery dates

Delivery Dates

Delivery dates can be changed or split deliveries can be made from the ordering screen. 

Order consolidation

Ordering Consolidation

Orders can be made for multiple distributors at the same time. 

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Perenso Field Sales

Provides unique features to help reach the most people, with the right information, become more efficient, and maximize sales.

Content Management

The content management feature enables reps to easily access content so they can advise, educate, and negotiate with their customers. 

Route Planning

The route planning feature optimizes your reps' daily customer visits. It enables them to reach more customers and sell more efficiently while in the field.

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