Perenso is a B2B Sales Execution Platform Enabling Companies To Sell Better.

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A virtual trade show platform makes it easy to explore vendors and products just like you would at a physical show. It’s a trade show from the comfort of your desktop!
Elevate event success with Perenso Trade Show’s all-in-one event software solution.
Increase profitability with Perenso Field Sales’ all-in-one automation solution.

 A B2B Software Solution For Every Selling Occasion

Reduce sales visit costs by 20%

Get orders out 2 weeks faster

Increase field sales revenue by 20%

Reduce data admin burden by up to 2 days a week

Do 20% more sales calls each week

The Sales Software Of Choice For B2B Industries

Leading Companies Selling Better With Perenso

Benefits Of Perenso's B2B Software and Sales Enablement Tools

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Increase efficiency

reduce costs

Reduce costs

In the field and at events, you can gain intelligence with Perenso's B2B sales platform.

Gain insights

Perenso's B2B Sales Strategy Works

Perenso Methodology: Our sales methodology allows us to help you advise and educate, negotiate and deal, and gives you analysis and insights to sell better.

Advise and educate

Provide the right information to the most customers to maximize sales opportunities.

Negotiate and deal

Access what you need, when you need it to sell more easily.

Analysis and insights

Utilize business intelligence to improve sales performance.

Fill The Gap With Perenso's B2B Sales Platform

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Easily Integrate With Your Existing Systems

Perenso securely integrates with your ERP, accounting, and inventory management systems to create a seamless data-sharing experience. 

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Other connectors, as well as custom integrations, are also available.

Ready To Reduce Costs And Accelerate Your Sales?