Perenso Field Sales Software

Sales Rep App For Field Sales

Boost efficiency and optimize your reps in the field with our field sales software! The app allows you to take orders, share content, streamline retail execution, plan routes, view reports and more.

Simplified Sales Visit

Use the Perenso Field Sales App to guide and simplify your in-store sales visit. Follow the step-by-step process to ensure your visit is completed efficiently and your customers get everything they need.

Perenso Field Sales Management Software

Give your sales reps the tools they need to sell better. Automate your sales team to reduce admin time and increase sales. 

Field Sales Software For Retail Distribution

Empower your reps with Perenso's field sales software. Simplify orders, access product info on-the-go, and close deals faster.

How Sales Reps Can Optimize Their Day

Increase field sales revenue by 20% by giving your sales team the right tools to succeed. Perenso's all-in-one solution allows your team to boost efficiency and maximize sales.

Ordering For Field Sales

Boost efficiency and maximize sales with customizable columns, sales history, content, search function, delivery dates, and ordering consolidation in Field Sales.

Route Optimization For Sales Reps

Optimize your reps in the field with the map-based route planning feature. This tool enables reps to travel more efficiently and spend more time with customers.

Content Management For Field Sales

Easily access content so reps can advise, educate, and negotiate with their customers. Reps are able to get the right content, in front of the right person, at the right time.

Trade Show and Virtual Expo Software

Trade Show Order Entry App

Perenso 's trade show booth app streamlines the ordering process. The intuitive and easy-to-use app makes order entry a breeze with customizable columns, ordering groups, delivery dates, pricing, and warehouse information available on the iPad.

Event Registration Made Easy

Want a seamless and hassle-free way to handle registration for your next event? From pre-show registration to at-show check-in, Perenso provides you with tools for event marketing, data capture, express show entry, and reporting & analytics.

Mobile Event App

Perenso Event Explorer enhances the trade show experience and helps attendees navigate the event. Attendees can view recommended and showcased items, booths, floor maps, agenda, venue details, and search the show to find what they need.

Exhibitor Feedback

Learn what trade show exhibitors have to say about Perenso's ordering app. The app allows exhibitors to enter orders, manage deals, share content, capture leads, and view reports.

All-in-one Trade Show App

Watch how the Perenso Trade Show booth app can help increase your event sales and reduce admin time. Ordering, lead capture, supplier negotiations, content sharing, deals & discounts, target marketing, and reporting.

Customer Testimonials

Watch to hear what customers say about Perenso Trade Show. The all-in-one trade show solution allows wholesale distributors to increase event sales, reduce admin burden, and gain business insights.

B2B Ordering Portal

Use Perenso's Trade Show Ordering Portal in conjunction with your physical event to expand your reach and increase your event sales.

Express Registration

Express Registration allows for shorter wait times and a streamlined check-in process for event registration at trade shows. Scan your QR code, grab your badge, and enjoy the event.

Lead Generation

Perenso’s trade show app allows exhibitors to easily capture high-quality leads so they can increase sales, build brand awareness, and nurture relationships with potential customers.

Content Sharing & Management

The content management tool provides an easy way to manage and share information for trade shows and events online. Exhibitors can save time, money, and effort while organizing their POS materials.

Target Marketing At Trade Shows

Help your trade show attendees discover new products and brands while helping exhibitors drive sales with target marketing. Sales reps can guide retailer purchasing decisions

Allowance Collection & Negotiations

Streamline the allowance negotiation process with exhibitors and reduce admin time for your next trade show or virtual trade shows. 

Event Registration

The event registration software allows you to save time and money while organizing your next trade shows or events online. Customize your event website so everything is on-brand.

7 Unique Features for Distributors

Distributor-specific features include allowance configurations, customer-specific pricing, ordering group tiers, pricing zones, delivery groups by item, custom deals, and tickets & redemptions.

3 Tools To Improve The Event Planning

A show host portal with admin access, reporting and analytics, and integrations with 3rd party platforms for a seamless experience.

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