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Benefits of Perenso's B2B Sales Software

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Increase efficiency

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Reduce costs

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Gain insights

Key Features for C-store Businesses

Order Entry

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Ordering is inefficient and contains order errors.


A customizable and intuitive order screen that can handle simple or complex ordering. Product pricing, order history, automatically calculated deals, etc. improve customer conversations and allow up-selling and quick order entry without errors.

Deals &


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It is difficult to know which deals are available for which products, and manually calculating deals leaves room for errors.


With Perenso, deals and discounts can be time-based, available at various levels, organized by delivery week, automatically calculated, and more.


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Inefficient way to share content and sales aides to customers.


Everything is in one easy-to-access place - ensure customers have all the up-to-date supporting information to make educated decisions.


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Pricing isn't readily available, and need a way to configure different pricing structures.


With Perenso, pricing is visible and flexible. Pricing can be customer-specific or segmented by warehouse, price zones, and more.



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Difficult to manage store compliance and discount rules.


Reps can conduct stocktakes, planogram checks, store compliance checks, and record competitor information while in the store.


Integrations (1) (1)


Data is out of sync when shared between multiple systems.


APIs allow Perenso to seamlessly integrate with your existing business processes and systems so data is consistent. Easily merge with your ERP systems as well as other CRM platforms.


& Analytics

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Data is messy and hard to understand.


Comprehensive reporting tailored to your business needs. Reporting and analytics dashboards give you insights into your business so you can make data-driven decisions.

Trusted By Leading Convenience Store Brands and Distributors

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Why Perenso B2B Sales Software?

"The Perenso team successfully executed the virtual trade show with great results. Sales were higher than our live trade shows with higher basket size and better participation."

- Andrew Lee, 7-Eleven

"The technology is great. But the team is even better. Whether it is the development team, management team or on-site team, we receive a high level of customer service. Responses are almost immediate and if they cannot provide an immediate solution, they are very clear in what we should expect. I feel like we are a priority."

- Matt Kirkwood, Gordon Food Service

"Order accuracy has improved by as much as 10%, which represents hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in increased profit. Our ability to process orders has completely changed with Perenso."

- General Manager, Pharmacare Laboratories

"We find the Perenso team to be extremely customer service-focused, and they have the ability to customize the experience to the customer, listening to how we need to use it and adjusting to fit our existing business model. "

- Jillian Rebello, Chex Finer Foods

"Over more than 10 years the Perenso team has been amazing in providing top-level customer service and follow-up on any issue that has ever been raised. Their team has been consistently reliable and professional in all my dealings with them and I cannot recommend them highly enough."

- Carol Thain, Generic Health

A B2B Solution For Every Selling Occasion

Reduce sales visit costs by 20%

Get orders out 2 weeks faster

Increase field sales revenue by 20%

Reduce data admin burden by up to 2 days a week

Do 20% more sales calls each week

Stop in for a quick demo - We have everything you need to fuel your sales.