Online Ordering for Virtual Trade Shows
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Benefits of Online Ordering Software For Trade Shows

Increase attendance

Increase attendance

  • Break geographic barriers: Reach new customers beyond the convention center.

  • Expand accessibility: Invite those unable to attend in person (time, location, etc.).

  • Online ordering + physical show: Combine convenience with the trade show experience.

Extend show hours

  • Eliminate time barriers: Equal attendee engagement regardless of location or schedule.
  • Increase flexibility: Make informed decisions without the pressure of a closing booth.


Extend show hours
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Maximize sales

  • Boost sales and convenience: Capture sales from interested customers who might not complete a purchase at the busy booth.
  • Widen your sales funnel: Capture leads who might otherwise be missed in the trade show bustle. 
  • Elevate your brand experience: Create a smoother customer journey and strengthen your brand's image.

Want to increase your trade show sales? 

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Additional Solutions to Improve Your Next Trade Show

Features Registration

Registration and Check-In

Customize and streamline the registration process for exhibitors and attendees while collecting the data you need.

Features Mobile Event App

Mobile Event App

Enhance the trade show experience for all attendees. Communicate with customers with less hassle and zero paper. 

Features Ordering

Trade Show Ordering App

Perenso makes complex ordering simple with an intuitive and easy to use ordering app so you can increase show sales.

Ready to expand your reach and increase your trade show sales?