Maximize Exhibitor ROI

Make it easy for your exhibitors to capture, qualify, and follow-up with leads at your events with Perenso's Lead Capture Software.

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Increase The Value of Your Events For Your Exhibitors

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Simplify lead capture

  • Easily scan a badge and capture lead details

  • Customize forms and survey questions

  • Qualify leads in real-time

Boost engagement

  • Free up sales reps to spend more time on engaging conservations

  • Easily access content and sales aides to advise and educate attendees on products and deals

Lead capture increase engagement
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Gain business insights

  • Access reports at-show and post-show for easy follow-up with leads

  • Ensure lead details are correct for follow-up by eliminating error-prone manual entry

  • Identify trends and tailor their business strategy accordingly

Maximize event ROI

  • Generate high-quality leads and discover trends

  • Create personal connections with potential customers

  • Justify future participation in events with data and insights

Lead capture increase ROI

Perenso Lead Capture Features

  • Scan badge for lead capture
  • Qualify leads in real-tine
  • Access and share content
  • Export leads to CRM for follow-up
  • Customize fields and surveys
  • Take notes on your leads
  • Gain insights with reports
  • Customize app branding

Help Your Exhibitors Capture Leads At Trade Shows And Get More Value Out of Your Events