Content Management App For Sales Reps

Benefits Of Content Management

Advise and Negotiate With Customers Using The Perenso Sales Rep App

What Can You Do With The Sales Management Software?

  • keep customers engaged and educated
  • easily access sales aids, product images, promotional material, and more
  • make items available for a specific time or for a certain customer group
  • organize content in folders to allow your team to quickly find what they need
  • showcase promotions or new products
  • easily email customers pieces of useful content
Give your field team the tools they need to advise and educate their customers.

Perenso Field Sales

Provides unique features to help reach more customers, with the right information to become more efficient and maximize sales.

Route Planning

The route planning app enables sales reps to reach more customers and sell more efficiently while in the store.

Why Choose Perenso?

We're a great team to work with - just ask our customers! We work with you to solve your business challenges and get the job done. 

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