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Route planning optimization

Help your reps reach more customers, increase efficiency, and maximize sales.

route planning (1200 x 600 px)

What can you do with the route planning app?

  • view all your customers on a single map
  • view your planned and unplanned calls
  • easily visualize your customer groups with configurable shades
  • use filters to refine your map results
  • plan to visit customers with a few taps
  • view your route for the day with multiple stops
  • set a start and end location
  • optimize your route based on current traffic conditions
Route Planning

Perenso Field Sales

Provides unique features to help reach the most people, with the right information, become more efficient, and maximize sales.

Field Sales - Content (Final)

Content Management

The content management feature enables reps to easily access content so they can advise, educate, and negotiate with their customers. 

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Why Choose Perenso?

We are a great team to work with. We work with you to solve your business challenges, and we do what we say we will do. We get the job done - it's who we are. 

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