Route Optimization Software

Help Your Sales Reps Reach More Customers With Perenso's Route Planning App

Benefits of Perenso's Route Optimization Software

Route planning - Increased efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Sales route planning can reduce travel time for sales reps by up to 30%, allowing them to spend more time with customers and close deals effectively.

Reduced Costs

Optimized routes can lead to fuel savings of 10-20% and reduced wear-and-tear on vehicles, lowering overall operational costs.

Route planning - Reduced costs
Route planning - Improved productivity

Improved Productivity

Companies using sales route planning software see a 20-40% increase in the number of calls reps can make per day.

Happier Sales Reps

By minimizing the time wasted in traffic, field sales route planning can lead to a 5-10% improvement in sales rep satisfaction.

Route planning - happier sales reps
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How else will Perenso improve your field sales process?

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Field Sales Solution

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Field Sales Retail Execution Tool

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