Trade show ordering solution
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Ordering Groups

Allow attendees to order for multiple store locations

Ordering Groups make it easy for a single purchaser to select multiple different stores to place orders for all at once. Additionally, orders can be placed under a single account and later allocated to the preferred locations in the group.

Ordering Units

Sell products that have multiple ordering units

Allow customers to purchase products in all the different sizes they're available in. Whether that's by the pound, each, case, pallet or any other selling options you offer.

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Warehouse Availability

Make it easy to determine where a product is available

Create multiple warehouse and load products and customers, per warehouse. Products won't be visible to customers who cannot purchase them from their warehouse.


Product Inventory

Set stock levels for individual products

Easily indicate products that have limited stock and provide the exact number that remains. When the product is sold out, customers can no longer place orders for those items. 


Limited quantity

Some of the leading brands selling better with Perenso:

7-Eleven increased show sales at their virtual trade show with Perenso.
Lipari Foods has reduced admin time and increased sales at both their virtual events and live trade shows.
Gordon Foodservice has been partners with Perenso for years and they have been able to increase efficiency and reduce admin time at their virtual trade shows and live events.
Pet Food Experts have been able to reduce admin time and increase order efficiency at their trade shows with Perenso.
UNFI, the distribution company, has partnered with Perenso for all their virtual events and in-person trade shows.
Hackney increased efficiency and reduced costs at their trade shows when they switched to the Perenso platform.
Cardinal Health has increased efficiency and reduce costs at both their live and virtual trade shows.
Cheney Brothers has reduced admin time and increased efficiency at their trade shows when using Perenso.

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