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Perenso Events

Did you know. Registration and MME - Draft

Did you know? - Registration and MME

Save time and money while organizing your next event with vendor and customer registration. Customize your Market my Event website so everything is on brand.

Did you know. Vendor Negotiations- Round 2

Did you know? - Vendor Negotiations

Streamline the allowance negotiation process with vendors with the negotiation feature. Reduce admin time and provide an easy process for vendors and buyers to track and manage allowances.

Perenso Field Sales

Route Planning

Route Planning

Optimize your reps in the field with the map-based route planning feature. This tool enables reps to travel more efficiently, see more customers, plan their way, and understand daily structure.

Field Sales - Content (Final)

Content Management

Easily access content so reps can advise, educate, and negotiate with their customers. Reps are able to get the right content, in front of the right person, at the right time.

Release Updates

September Product Update

September 2021 Product Updates

Zoom integration for seamless webinars with attendee tracking. Redemption management improvements allow you to easily track and manage custom redemption types for your customers.

August Product Update-1

August 2021 Product Updates

Event updates include the ability to brand and theme your virtual show and allow guest/non-buyers to attend the show. Field Sales updates include month-view in diary and enhancements to route planning.

July Product Update

July 2021 Product Updates

Updates include history, column sorting, show host and VIP chat ability, market price flag for items, and configurable text and icons for targeted booths.

June Product Update

June 2021 Product Updates

Improvements include enhanced interactions, booth content upgrades, customizable terms and conditions, and additional options for registration security.

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