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Everything your team needs to plan, manage, and optimize sales and in-store operations.

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Store Audit Objectives

Call objectives ensure merchandisers know what needs to get done during each retail site audit. Perenso enables data capture of key metrics including range, inventory, facing counts, price checks, surveys, and more.

Range and Distribution

Merchandisers can quickly identify gaps in distribution for products that are "Core" or "Optional" for each retail site. Make sure your best-selling products are always available to shoppers. 

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Shelf Display And Planogram Compliance

Merchandisers can conduct stocktakes, planogram compliance checks, and record competitor information while at each retail site.

Why Choose Perenso For Your Retail Merchandising Needs?

Retail Execution - Easy

Intuitive and

easy to use

Retail Execution - Configurable

Configurable to your business

Retail Execution - Offline

App that works

on and offline

Retail Execution - Real-time info

Collect real-time information

Ensure Successful In-Store Performance While Reducing Time Spent on Administrative Tasks

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