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Trade Show, Online Events, and Field Sales

Perenso Websites (tradeshow.perenso.net and fieldsales.perenso.net)

Perenso is built and tested to work in the most recent 2 versions of the following desktop web browsers:

• Google Chrome
• Firefox
• Microsoft Edge
• Safari

Our sites may work in other browsers but these are not officially supported.

Internet Explorer 11 is not supported. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer doesn’t support the newer standards and functionality we require to build the best web-based solutions we can. Microsoft stopped adding support for new technologies in 2015.

Note: Any browser you use needs to have cookies and JavaScript turned on.

Perenso iOS apps (Perenso Field Sales v9, Perenso Trade Show Booth, Perenso Help Request Tracker, Perenso Scanning Station)

• iPad (4th Generation)
• iPad Air (1 & 2)
• iPad Mini 2/3/4
• iPad 9.7-inch
• iPad Pro (10.5-inch & 12.9-inch)

The minimum iPad software version supported is iOS 10.0.
The app may request permission to access the camera, photo album, or your location on the device.
Internet connection is required

Perenso Windows Applications (Perenso Field Sales v9)

Windows 8.1 or 10
Intel Core i3 processor or better
4 GB RAM or higher
1366×768 or larger screen resolution
Touchscreen recommended

The app may request permission to access the camera, photo album or your location on the device.
Internet connection is required.

Perenso Event Communications

Perenso uses SendGrid for email communications to users (such as registration information).

In order to send mail on behalf of a customer's domain for a TradeShow event, DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) will need to be implemented which will require several CNAME DNS records to be added to a customer's DNS Servers. These DNS records enable DKIM for mail deliverability and to rebrand any hyperlinks in the email content for a customer's domain.

Any DNS records must be available across both public networks and internal corporate networks for all users.

Note: DNS records are specific to a customer's domain and will be generated by Perenso when required.

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