Badge Types

dymo (1)

Dymo Printer

Prints a 2-5/16"x4" badge as an adhesive or non-adhesive in white or a variety of colors.

*Perenso does not supply badge holders/lanyards*

Dymo sticker


Peel off the backing to apply as a stick-on badge

Dymo non-adhesive


Print badges without adhesive backing

Dymo color sticker


Adhesive badge labels can be provided in an assortment of colors

*These must be provided upon Perenso's arrival to your event.*

Zebra Printer

Prints non-adhesive badges in a variety of different sizes. 4x3 and 4x6 single-sided are included in the price, while other sizes and RFID badges are available for an additional cost.

*Perenso does not supply badge holders/lanyards*

Zebra 4x3


Clip onto a lanyard or slide it into a plastic sleeve

Zebra 4x6


Pre-print company logos or show info

*Perenso does not pre-print logos. The badge labels must be provided to Perenso with the logos printed on them already*

Untitled (200 × 200 px)


Print along the entire length of the badge and fold it in half for a double-sided look.

*There is an additional fee associated with the 4X12 badge labels.*

Badge Label Comparison Sheet (2)

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