Trade Show Price Negotiations (1) (1)

Reduce Admin Time By Providing An Easy Process For Exhibitors And Buyers To Track And Manage Allowances.

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Pre-Show Negotiations and Allowance Collection

Work with exhibitors prior to the show to determine the allowance/discount that will be offered at the show.

  • Customize columns and headers for buyers and exhibitors, permitting access to specific data.
  • Collect allowance by each delivery window or range


Provide a Simple Process For Exhibitors To Offer Exclusive At-Show Discounts.

At-Show Negotiations

Allow exhibitors to give deeper discounts to retailers at the event.

  • Discounts can be offered on individual products, for specific ship dates. 
  • Configure discounts to be calculated based on case quantity or pound quantity ordered.


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Different Allowance Configurations

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Rebate Per Weight


Rebate Per Case

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Percentage Off

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Features Registration

Registration and Check-In

Customize and streamline the registration process for exhibitors and attendees while collecting the data you need.

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On-Site Equipment 

Enhance the trade show experience for retailers, exhibitors and everyone in between.

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Content and Leads

Provide customers with useful and valuable product information and track product interest to increase sales.