Increase profitability with Perenso's Field Sales software solution.
Designed to make selling to your customer in the field more efficient so you can sell more.
Advise and educate Negotiate and deal Analysis and insights
Reduce time spent on data administration Enhance distribution levels Make informed decisions with current data
Maximize upselling opportunities Improve ease of sale Reduce time spent on reporting
See more customers, more often Increase in-store order value Simplify the sales management processes
Increase event success with Perenso's trade show software solution.
Designed to make buying and selling at shows easier so you can work more efficiently and increase your return on investment.
Advise and educate Negotiate and deal Analysis and insights
Increase the effectiveness of event marketing Maximize sales opportunities pre-show, at-show and post-show Identify at-show opportunities
Enhance at-show product promotion and upselling opportunities Reduce pre-show and post-show administration burden Reduce post-show administration burden
Improve attendee show experience Improve vendor show experience Evaluate show success

Leverage the power of the trade show throughout the entire year.


Optimize the performance of your field sales force. Follow through on bookings and leads more efficiently by using the one tool to close more orders.

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Reach your buyers anytime, anywhere with Perenso Cloud Show, a virtual trade show software solution. 

Designed to enable you to provide the benefits of a trade show to your buyers from the comfort of a desktop.

Advise and educate Negotiate and deal Analysis and insights
Reach a larger audience Offer the same sophisticated commerce transactions as you would at a physical show Identify future sales opportunities
Increase product awareness within customer base Attract and retain revenue that might otherwise be lost Reduce post-show administration burden
Provide an excellent customer experience Reduce burden on vendors Evaluate show success

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