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Covering pre-show, at-show and post-show requirements, Perenso Trade Show’s features enable more effective event marketing, reduced administration burden, easier live show sales and better show intelligence.



  • Convert marketing to registrations
  • Simplify the payment process
  • Collect attendee intelligence pre-show
  • Seamless integration of attendee data
  • Shorten check-in wait times
  • Improve communication with attendees
  • Enhance promotion of products and increase upsell opportunities
  • Reduce post-show lead administration time


  • Order more efficiently on behalf of customers
  • Sell product in whatever format you want
  • Save on pre-show product data administration time
  • Align ordering with post-show logistical requirements
  • Enable vendor specific live ordering
  • Control system access and security
  • Streamline pre-show allowance negotiation with vendors
  • Offer any style of deal
  • Reduce errors by automating the application of deals to orders
  • Control allowance negotiation parameters
  • Maximize show related sales opportunities
  • Make it easy for attendees to buy
  • Reduce post-show administration time and resource requirements
  • Make it easy for vendors to sell
  • Convert at-show interest to sales
  • Improve attendee and vendor at-show experience
  • Record and facilitate follow up of post-show sales opportunities


  • Control the provision of information
  • Access live sales data at-show to address any issues or opportunities immediately
  • Reduce post-show reporting administration burden
  • Evaluate show success




  • Customized, branded event website
  • Attendee pre-show and at-show registration system
  • Check-in attendees at show
  • Print registration badges at check-in
  • Place orders and accept payment at registration
  • Conduct surveys or enable sign up to seminars at registration
  • Self-scan registration station


  • Automate email or SMS notifications based on selected triggers


  • Upload content as images files, PDFs and video and link to product records and/or vendors
  • Email related content to customers and leads at-show
  • Help content category to assist vendors at-show


  • Run a promotion; set entry criteria, issue virtual tickets for a draw and choose the winner


Ordering Groups

  • Allow buyers to order for a group of customers using ordering groups setting


  • Choose from a range of ordering units to suit products eg. Cases, dozens
  • Sell a group of products as one item with product kits
  • Bulk upload or manually create product records
  • Set up relevant product fields to suit business requirements
  • Set a unique delivery date for each product


  • Link products to the relevant vendor booth
  • Configure customized booth notes


  • Create users for vendor booths
  • Select from multiple types of users and customize settings

Vendor Negotiate Site

  • Create and edit content, deals, products and lead questions
  • Select from different payment options
  • Customize negotiation portal message
  • Enable sample requests


  • Specify deal range, either show wide or vendor specific
  • Create a range of deal types eg. % off show price, fixed price, rebate per unit
  • Discounts can be offered at product level or at global level eg. Free stock, cash back
  • Set deal parameters
  • Set discount triggers eg. Order quantity, order value
  • Add images to deals


  • Set a base discount for a product
  • Select from different allowance types eg. % off show price, rebate per unit
  • Create own discount range and determine who can negotiate on certain products

Ordering Portal

  • Utilize ordering portal pre-show, at-show or post-show
  • Login with unique ID or user name and password
  • Customize login message
  • Specify portal view based on user type
  • Search for products
  • Browse deals
  • Place an order, create a purchase order or create a lead
  • View reports
  • Set rules on how the user can order
  • Choose which columns to show eg. Price, description
  • Choose what user can search by eg. Description, product ID
  • Allocate orders at show and then convert to a confirmed order post-show

Mobile eCommerce

  • Place live orders at show
  • Access customer specific deals and history using user IDs
  • Search products and view product details
  • Browse and apply deals
  • Apply order quantity across all delivery dates
  • Place lead and temporary orders
  • Request help from show-floor via app
  • Supports French-Canadian and English language versions


  • Support collection of leads at show
  • Customize lead qualification questions per vendor or show wide
  • Export lead report post-show
  • Place lead orders



  • Customize attendee and vendor reports pre-show
  • Live attendee ordering reports at-show
  • Live and post-show vendor sales reports
  • Post-show event performance reports
  • Email or print reports