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B2B ecommerce platform

Empower Buyers and Maximize Sales With Perenso's B2B eCommerce Software

b2b ecommerce platform - inventory replenishment

Quick and easy inventory replenishment

  • 24/7 stock replenishment capability

  • Columns are configurable to allow you to define what your customers see.

  • Discounts and deals are automatically calculated

Product images and sales enablement content

  • The content can be a JPG, PDF, PNG, MP4, or URL

  • Include product information to educate your customers, pack shots, deal sheets, television commercials, etc.

  • Customize a content menu to highlight specific products or deals.

B2B ecommerce platform - sales enablement
B2B ecommerce platform - reporting

Better data analytics

  • Easily access comprehensive reports and analytics

  • Improve data-driven decision-making with a better understanding of customer behavior, popular products, and sales trends

Benefits of B2B eCommerce Software

b2b ecommerce - Increase revenue



b2b ecommerce - imrpove customer experience

Improve customer experience

b2b ecommerce - reduce operational costs


operational costs

b2b ecommerce - faster order fulfillment

Faster order


b2b ecommerce - reduce order entry errors

Reduce order

entry errors

b2b ecommerce - automate business processes

Automate business processes

b2b ecommerce - increase brand recognition

Increase brand recognition

b2b ecommerce - Gain business insights


business insights

See what customers say about Perenso!

"The team at Perenso, from support right through to the management, is extremely hands-on and proactive with their communication.  They have proven time and again to be a valued partner to us."

- Pam Thornton, Brauer Natural Medicine

"Order accuracy has improved by as much as 10%, which represents hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in increased profit. Our ability to process orders has completely changed with Perenso."

- General Manager, Pharmacare Laboratories

"We find the Perenso team to be extremely customer service-focused, and they have the ability to customize the experience to the customer, listening to how we need to use it and adjusting to fit our existing business model. "

- Jillian Rebello, Chex Finer Foods

"Simple, user-friendly, intuitive, quick, efficient, secure, and reliable to use. Exceptional customer support!"

-Jin, HealthOne

"Over more than 10 years the Perenso team has been amazing in providing top-level customer service and follow-up on any issue that has ever been raised. Their team has been consistently reliable and professional in all my dealings with them and I cannot recommend them highly enough."

- Carol Thain, Generic Health

"The technology is great. But the team is even better. Whether it is the development team, management team or on-site team, we receive a high level of customer service. Responses are almost immediate and if they cannot provide an immediate solution, they are very clear in what we should expect. I feel like we are a priority."

- Matt Kirkwood, Gordon Food Service

"Perenso is just a better product. Better team, better infrastructure, and better results."

- Raz Cuculea, Eddi's Wholesale