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Go Digital. Reduce Waste.

Digital product catalog

Enhance Trade Show Experience

The digital product catalog allows buyers to preview products before attending the show to create a roadmap for themselves, providing a seamless trade show experience. 

Brand Awareness

Raise Brand Awareness

The digital product catalog is uniquely customized to your brand. When customers receive your catalog, it will be your logo, your colors, and your company’s personality all wrapped up in one digital pamphlet..

Sales Process

Streamline Sales Process

Share information effortlessly with your customers to advise and educate them on available items. Buyers get a sneak peek of the entire trade show floor, including vendors and their products, moving them one step closer to purchase.

Influence Decisions

Influence Purchase Decisions

The images added to the digital catalog are appealing and increase the user experience, giving them an idea of what to expect on the trade show floor. 


Improve Distribution Efficiency

Send your virtual product catalog to your customers via email in a matter of minutes and host it on a webpage, where it can be updated and accessed at any time. 


Reduce Waste

Eliminate paper usage and printing costs by hosting your product catalog online. Update images, costs, and product information without having to retract and reprint catalogs. 

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Features Mobile Event App

Mobile Event App

Enhance the trade show experience for all attendees. Communicate with customers with less hassle and zero paper. 

Features Virtual Trade Show

Virtual Trade Show

Host an online event on its own, or with a live event, to reach more customers, grow your revenue, and protect your business.

Features On-site Equipment

Registration & Check-In

Customize and streamline the registration process for exhibitors and attendees while collecting the data you need.

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