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Planning a successful trade show is a challenge. Perenso's trade show software equips event managers with the tools they need to streamline every stage, from registration and lead capture to order processing and post-show analytics.

Trade Show Software for Event Managers

The Ultimate Trade Show Management Software

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Effortless Registration

Customize pre-show and on-site registration options for attendees and exhibitors while capturing the data you need.

Targeted Email Marketing

Generate pre-show excitement, promote special offers, and drive attendee registration with branded emails.

Email Marketing for trade shows
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Seamless Check-in & Badge Pick-up

Reduce attendee wait times with a smooth badge pick-up process.

Easy Order Management

Streamline the order process with an intuitive interface and integrations with your existing systems to reduce admin time and get orders out 2 weeks faster.

Trade show ordering app
Easy lead capture for trade show exhibitors.

Increased Exhibitor ROI

Equip exhibitors with a user-friendly lead capture app to qualify leads, maximize conversions, and add value to your events.

Enhanced Mobile Engagement

Boost attendee engagement with a mobile event app for real-time communication, scheduling, and event information.

Perenso's Mobile Event App increases engagement and keeps attendees
Perenso trade show software provides data-driven insights so you can make well-informed business decisions.

Data-Driven Insights

Gain valuable post-show analytics to measure ROI, identify trends, and inform future strategies.

Perenso goes beyond software - We're your dedicated event partner

See how industry leaders achieve remarkable results with Perenso's trade show software

"Best trade show system we've used. I am most impressed with the attention Perenso gives to our specific needs. No matter the request, they figure it out and deliver solutions. The software is intuitive and flexible. Everyone raves about the speed, accuracy, and simplicity of the Perenso system."

- Matt Kirkwood, Trade Show Manager, Gordon Food Service

"Perenso's software is easily customizable to our needs and integrates easily with our other systems. The order-taking and management programs are user-friendly for our retailers and vendor partners, giving us confidence that our data is correct."

- Marissa Smoyer, Director of Events, Lipari Foods

"The Perenso solution has been a time saver. It's helped us be more accurate and has cut 2 weeks off the delivery process. The onboarding process was easy. There was no learning curve. It feels like a partnership."

- Eileen Wilmarth, Pet Food Experts

"Because of the Perenso system, our customers are able to attend our show and focus on building relationships, placing orders, and discovering new products with the technology working seamlessly in the background. The software is versatile, feature-rich, and very flexible. We routinely get positive comments from our sales reps, customers, and exhibitors. "

- George Lane, Marketing Director, Wood Fruitticher

"Perenso did such a great job helping ensure our show went off without a hitch. I heard only good things from the customers and vendors about how easy it was to use the system, how helpful the support team was in answering questions, and how registration was quick and easy. "

- Jillian Rebello, Senior Marketing Manager, Chex Finer Foods

"Perenso’s software and capabilities are exceptional. The program is user-friendly, and it has a wide variety of features that can be incorporated to maximize the ROI of the show for the hosting company and the exhibitors. Two of my favorite features are the ability to correct items/prices/deals during the show and the reporting analytics."

- Sherry Huber, COO, Treat Planet

"Great first year with Perenso. Making a system switch is always nerve wracking, but it was a great experience and one we've received great feedback from our customers and vendors."

- Kelsey Heisey, COO, Kinsey's


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