Simplify your IT operations with Perenso's B2B software solutions. 

Ditch the headaches and make your job easier with the right software for your business.

Software for IT Managers
IT Manager - unified platform

Cloud-based solutions

Centralized data storage and automatic updates ensure everyone's working with the latest information.

Easy data management

No more order entry errors. Data is digitally recorded, eliminating order errors and securing all information.

IT Manager - data management
IT Manager - enhanced security

Enhanced security

Built-in features and compliance certifications give you peace of mind.

User-friendly interface

Spend less time on IT support with software that is intuitive and easy for your team to use.

IT Manager - user-friendly interface
IT Manager - seamless integrations

Seamless integrations

No more time-consuming integration nightmares. Easily connect with your ERP and other existing systems.

Stress-free onsite operations

For trade shows, Perenso collaborates with on-site contacts before the event to guarantee that equipment setup and technology run smoothly throughout the event.

IT Manager - onsite operations

See what IT Professionals say about Perenso!

"Brilliant sales force automation solution with great agility to adopt changes. Excellent UI. Great versatility to capture in-store activity data and insights. Simple management/administration interface. Brilliant customization capability on intelligent order suggestion options. Excellent support services and collaboration with the product team."

- Allen, IT Business Analyst, Pharmaceutical Company

"Perenso has revolutionized the way we do business as far as our trade show is concerned. Registration is much faster, and with the ordering system, the customer ultimately gets the orders faster."

- Anthony Jones, IT Director, Wallace Distribution

"Order accuracy has improved by as much as 10%, which represents hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in increased profit. Our ability to process orders has completely changed - now, with Perenso, within seconds of the rep taking the order, it can be picked and ready for dispatch."

- General Manager, Pharmacare Laboratories

"Working with Perenso lessened my job before and during the trade show. It was nice having everything taken care of for us."

- Nicholas Donofrio, IT Manager, City Line Distributors

"Our results for the operational reliability of Perenso has exceeded expectations. We have been able to digitize our data collection and reduce the time taken in the field to do so. This has then allowed us to generate reports with greater accuracy and timeliness for our key trading partners and brand owners."

- Greg, Group Sales & Marketing Manager, BNG Trading Limited

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