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Seasonal Sales

Many holiday and seasonal periods are critical to revenue for many retailers. Providing seasonal promotional sales well in advance allows your customers to prepare for these busy periods.


A pre-book program allows suppliers to better plan their inventory and production needs. They are able to secure early commitments to lessen inventory issues and more accurately assess demand for products.

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Inventory Liquidations

Need to get rid of inventory that has been collecting dust? Create a special event offering everything at steep discounts and deals.

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Everyday Ordering (300 x 210 px)

B2B eCommerce

Empower buyers and maximize sales with Perenso's Everyday Ordering solution. Quick and easy order entry, product images and content, and analytics help you sell better.

Digital Catalog

Digital Product Catalog

The digital product catalog allows buyers to preview products to create a roadmap for themselves, providing a seamless trade show experience. 

Virtual Show

Virtual Events

Host a virtual trade show on its own, or in conjunction with an in-person event, to reach more customers, grow your revenue, and protect your business.