Reduce admin time (2)

Reduce admin time

by 5 hours/week

increase sales (1)

Increase your sales

revenue by 20%

Field Sales Manager - Ordering

Order accuracy and reduced fulfillment time

  • Increase accuracy and turn-around time on orders

  • Access the latest products, pricing, inventory information, and automatically calculated deals

  • Customize the columns and have all the information available when your reps need it, including customer order history

Ensure sales reps know which items they need to focus on

  • Utilize a "Ranking" column so reps can identify SKUs to focus on while selling to customers

  • Use the "Ranging" column so your team knows which items are contractually obligated to be in each store

Field Sales Manager - Prioritization
Field Sales Manager - Tracking

Increase visibility in the field

  • View where your sales reps have been throughout the day to ensure they are hitting the right customers

  • Save money on gas and know your team is spending more time with their customers

  • When your reps are able to reach more customers, they can sell more products

Give your field sales team the tools they need to sell better

  • Provide your reps with sales aides so they can advise and educate their customers

  • They can easily access sales aids, product images, promotional material, videos, and more

  • Even email pieces of useful content to the customer directly from the iPad

Field Sales Manager - All-in-one tool
Field Sales Manager - insights (360 x 300 px)

Make smarter business decisions

  • Customized reporting to suit your business needs

  • Using a simple drag-and-drop report builder, you can create reports and dashboards tailored to you and your business.

  • Create reports based on sales, coverage, distribution of your products, and more.

No connection? No problem!

All core Perenso Field Sales functionality is accessible offline because lost internet connectivity should never mean lost productivity.

Ready to increase your field sales revenue by 20%?


"It's as though I expanded my sales team by two additional people without the added expense. The visibility and transparency Perenso provides have helped improve all areas of our business."

- Eric Tiller, VP of Sales at Redbarn Pet Products

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