Customer Ordering Portal

A self-service ordering portal and mobile app designed to minimize hassle and wait time.

Make it easy for your customers to buy.

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Customer Ordering Portal - Ordering (1)

Quick and easy order entry

  • Customers can use the web or the mobile app to order what they want when they want
  • Columns are configurable to allow you to define what your customers see.
  • Discounts and deals are automatically calculated based on the quantity ordered.
  • Increase order efficiency with shortcuts such as searching, product filtering, and favorite orders make it easy for the customer.

Product images and content

  • The content can be a JPG, PDF, PNG, MP4, or a webpage URL link.
  • Typical uses include product information to educate your customers, pack shots, deal sheets, television commercials, etc.
  • Customize a content menu to highlight specific products or deals.
Customer Ordering Portal - Product Images
Customer Ordering Portal - Mobile App

Customers can order on the go!

  • Enable customers to buy how they want to - the mobile app makes it easy for customers to purchase when convenient for them
  • Increase customer ordering efficiency - going mobile enables customers to order quickly whilst in-store
  • Provide a familiar ordering experience - Using their own device makes ordering a breeze.

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