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Drive Sales


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Increase Sales At Your Next Trade Show 

Watch to learn how target marketing can help drive sales.

Sales Rep Recommendations 

Sales reps can login before the event to recommend products and booths for their retailers to check out while they're at the show. This might include historically purchased items, new items and booths that might be of interest to the retailer or show deals that they should take advantage of.

Product recommendations
Mobile event app targeting marketing

Customer Convenience 

Attendees can view recommended products on the booth app, or they can view their customized list of suggestions on the mobile event app before, during, and after the event.  

Exhibitor Benefits

Target marketing can direct customers to certain products and booths which would increase brand exposure and allow the exhibitors the opportunity to upsell and drive their sales.

target marketing for sales

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On-Site Equipment

Enhance the trade show experience for exhibitors, retailers and everyone in between with the help of Perenso's on-site features and friendly staff.

Features Ordering

Trade Show Ordering App

Perenso makes complex ordering simple with an intuitive and easy to use ordering app so you can increase show sales.

Lead capture

Lead Capture

Make it easy for your exhibitors to capture leads and maximize their return on investment.

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