Trade Show Licenses and Support

  • Commerce Show License and Support: Support fees are based on per iPad application.  
  • Registration License and Support: Includes all licenses from express registration, assisted registration, breeze through, and seminar attendance tracking.
  • Cloud Show License and Support: Fees are based on a per booth basis. Includes booth and product content, and web chat between all users. Lobby not included. (See lobby under standard website)

Registration Equipment Services

  • iPad Rentals: iPad include a protective case and charger
  • Assisted Registration Stations: Service includes a laptop, Dymo badge printer, and laser printer is optional on request
  • Express Registration: Attendees can scan their QR code to print their own badge and get into the event quickly. Service includes an iPad, stand, and Dymo badge printer.
  • Breeze Through Attendance Tracking: Scan attendees to accurately keep track of attendance for events that are multiple days. Includes an iPad and a Bluetooth hand scanner (if needed).
  • Seminar Attendance Tracking: Scan attendees at a specific seminar to accurately keep track of who attended. Service includes an iPad and Bluetooth hand scanner.  
  • Exit Report Station: Email or print paper copies of reports for customers or vendors. Service includes laptop and printer.

Event Registration

  • Market My Event Website: A custom-built website tailored to your event needs. Utilize for information about your event, embed registration I-Frames for all users, and more. Service includes a custom domain and one webpage. Additional web pages can be added for a fee.  
  • Vendor and Broker Pre-registration: Includes an I-Frame registration that can be standalone, embedded to the Market My Event website, or a website of your own.  
  • Customer Pre-registration: Includes an I-Frame registration that can be standalone, embedded to the Market My Event website, or a website of your own.  
  • Sales Rep Customer Pre-registration: Gives sales reps the ability to register and send notifications to customers via the ordering portal.  
  • Custom Surveys: Custom survey questions can be used to capture details for the event or capture any costs for the event for attendees. Service includes a custom report for each survey set.

Software Features

  • Standard Website Portal: This website fee is required for vendor negotiations and pre-booking. 
  • Pre-show Vendor Negotiations: The feature is used to capture allowances between vendors/brokers and buyers of the host company. Item allowance and agreement reports are included. Capturing samples for products for show day is also included. 
  • Pre-booking Website (Ordering Portal): Allows customers and/or sales reps to pre-order products for the event. Target marketing for products and booths is included for reps to target items for customers. 
  • Pre-booking Website (Cloud Show): Supports booth content, product content, and web chat between all users. 
  • Cloud Show Lobby Page: A landing page with sponsorships and more. Choose from up to 5 pre-designed templates. Customize your own for an additional fee.  
  • Deals Design and Support: This feature allows vendors, brokers, and show hosts the ability to set up custom deals with different tiers around products for a percentage off, fixed pricing, free products, cash back, and rebate deals. Additionally, an approval process can be used to control what is being submitted to know what can be accepted.  
  • Order Importer: This tool is used by customers and sales reps to upload orders via the ordering portal. Service includes a custom report designed to be imported based on business needs and standards. 
  • Target Marketing: Sales reps can select booths and products they would like to recommend to their customers.
  • Product Catalog: Customizable digital flip book to showcase products
  • Mobile Event App: Available as Perenso Event Explorer or as a white-labeled app. The app allows your attendees to view recommended booths and products, show floor maps, agenda, and attendee details.

At-show Services

  • iPad Product Ordering: Complex orders are made easy with the intuitive trade show app. (Standard feature)
  • Flight Boards: Provide customers with real-time inventory updates with products that are limited-time offers or quantities. Service includes a report and laptop. Display not included.  
  • Bluetooth hand scanners: Bluetooth Socket Scanners can scan product barcodes linked to products in the system and/or scan attendee badges.
  • Product Leads: Create custom lead questions for reasons of interest for products 
  • Content Sending: Save on paper materials by utilizing the application to send pdfs, jpegs, and website links to customers live during an event.  
  • At-show Negotiations: Allows vendors to give additional allowances to customers at bulk or customer level during the event. 
  • SMS Texting: Messaging service includes arrival texts, customers needing help from a booth, and other general notifications to sales reps.
  • Raffle Tickets: Tickets can be awarded onsite with a physical drawing or virtually through a random selection process. Ex. giveaways, raffles, or prize selections.

Additional Trade Show Services

  • Booked vs Shipped Reports: Send shipped orders data with what was booked with Perenso to help analyze progress. Up to 10 weeks of data is included.  
  • Custom Name Badges: Standard name badges include 3x4 or 2 ¼ x 4-inch badge peel and stick and card stock. All other stock is considered custom. 
  • Custom Reports: Create customized reports for specific data needs.
  • Training: Live trainings and custom training videos are included, any additional trainings will cost an additional fee.

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